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Users can join the Antonia Santos Bicentennial Library by filling out a form to borrow books that can be taken home for a period of 8 days.



The library has a large reading room, where users can contact and directly access the materials organized in the different collections for consultation and use in the room.



Guidance and advice to users in the search and supply of bibliographic information sources.

Online resources


Free Internet access for users to research, access databases, consult virtual libraries and communicate with the world.
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Permite el ingreso al calendario y links de acceso de capacitaciones en recursos electrónicos (Bases de datos) que la biblioteca tiene programado de manera virtual para la semana en curso; así mismo, solicitar capacitación en recursos electrónicos de su interés.
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Acervo Bibliográfico

Conozca aquí las novedades bibliográficas en las diferentes áreas del conocimiento, libros recomendados y nuevos lanzamientos de la editorial UIS.
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Reading and writing

Training Programs

Programs focused on generating awareness about the importance of reading and writing, encouraging users to get closer to reading and writing activities   recreationally and playfully so that they are pleasant experiences that motivate imagination and creativity in children, youth, and adults. Among them: are Story Time, Pinto Mi Cuento (I paint my story), Children’s Story Contest, Little Reader, Read as a Family, Interactive World, Reading Encouragement Workshops, Meeting with the Author and Meeting with the Elderly.

Reading promotion


Cultural activities with which we seek to disseminate and promote the different cultural manifestations that identify us as a region and country, it is also a space for participation so that different artists and cultural groups through the library can show the community their work and productions. Among them: Artistic workshops, traveling exhibitions and academic and cultural moments.

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Icono contacto de la unidad responsable
Icono contacto de la unidad responsable

Library – Campus Socorro

Telephone: +57 (607) 634 4000

Extension: 5117- 5116


Icono de la ubicación de la oficina o unidad responsable
Icono de la ubicación de la oficina o unidad responsable


Socorro, Santander

Calle 14 # 06-07

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Icono del horario de atención de la unidad responsable

Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8:00 a.m. – 12.00 m.

2:00 – 8:00 p.m.


7:00 a.m. – 12.00 m.

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